Hawkfish AS

Our initiatives


Hacked.com is a cybersecurity company that helps people recover hacked accounts, remove harmful content and conduct security audits.

Earth’s Temperature, an innovative project launched by Jonas Borchgrevink in 2023, provides real-time temperature data from major cities across the globe. The platform allows users to compare present temperatures with past averages and records.

Remove Myself is an online information service for individuals that want to remove images and videos that are damaging and harmful.

Stop Impersonation is an online service that helps people and businesses to stop impersonation and remove fake profiles on social media.

Stop Blackmailing, a service that helps people fight blackmail and support them in desperate situations.

CSPE – Computer Support and Phone Experts, a service that helps individuals with everyday technical challenges on their computers, phones, or the web.

Fight Revenge Porn is a service that helps people remove revenge porn and prevent further misuse.

Prevent Deepfake is a service that helps people ensure that their images or videos can’t be used to create Deepfakes like Deepfake Porn.

DoomScrolling.com is an immersive and informative website that keeps you at the forefront of critical conversations and the most pressing issues shaping our future. With cutting-edge technologies and a seasoned entrepreneur at the helm, it is the ultimate destination to stay informed and ahead of the curve. Join us on a journey to explore the unknown and stay informed on the most important topics of our time.

Hawkfish AS is registered in Brønnøysundregistrene.


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jonasborchgrevink@gmail.com, phone number +47 98 48 24 99. Hawkfish AS with business address Hagaløkkveien 13, 1383 Asker, Norway.